Angles for Oracle Workbench (NoetixViews Workbench)


In this course, participants learn how to use Angles for Oracle Workbench to manage customizations to Angles for Oracle (formerly NoetixViews for Oracle E-Business Suite).

The course takes participants step-by-step through the Workbench features, progressing from the most common types of customizations and operations through to less frequently used, but equally important, types of changes. Participants learn not just how to modify and create views, but also how to manage changes across multiple Angles for Oracle environments.

What's Included?

You get two weeks of unlimited access to a dedicated, cloud-based training environment which includes:

  • Underlying infrastructure and access to all software components required to complete the course.
  • A Training Center application that prepares the environment for each exercise and validates the successful execution of each exercise.
  • A second ‘solution’ environment to enable you to see the expected results of the course exercises.


If I enroll today, can I start the course today?

Once you enroll, we need up to 24 hours to set up your virtual Training Center environment. We will notify you by email once that environment is ready. You can access the tutorial videos immediately after enrollment, but you need the Training Center to perform the exercises.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Plan on spending 20-25 hours to complete the course. However, because it’s all online, you can spread the time out over 2 weeks and work through the topics and exercises whenever your schedule permits.

How should I set up my learning environment?

Courses are made up of a series of video lessons and hands-on exercises in the cloud. We recommend that you set up your learning environment in one of these ways:

  • Work with two monitors:
    • Keep the Virtual Classroom open on one
    • Keep the Cloud environment with the Magnitude Training Center open on the other
  • Use two separate computers, one for the Virtual Classroom and one for the Training Center

What if I have trouble with an exercise?

You have two options if you get stuck:

  • Restart the exercise and run through the steps again. This restores Workbench to the expected start state for the exercise. We also provide you with a solution environment, so you can see what your result should look like.
  • Use the chat tool in the Training Center to receive step-by-step assistance, either through screen-sharing or text-based chat.

When is the chat tool available if I need help?

Monday to Friday for all hours except between 4 pm and 9:30 pm US Pacific Time.

What if I don’t complete the course in the allotted two weeks?

You can request an extension to get longer access to your Training Center environment: however, this does increase Magnitude’s cost. To cover this, extensions cost $300 per student per course per week.

Price: $1,500.00